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12 November 1944


My dearest,

Listen sweet if there are any people who take [sic] about hospitality. [sic] I for one say that the Dutch people are tops.

You know me, well I got our battalion situated with a swell [D]utch family who treated us elegantly.

I told them that I was sorry that I had to use the same language as the Nazis (German) but my ability to speak [D]utch (Holland) was mil [sic].

They opened the rum of the house to us. They even prepared baths for us. You know, the kind you fill up with water you heat on a stove well, dearest, it was the first tub bath I’d had in 2 months and I really enjoyed it.

We have seen robat [sic] bombs go over our heads and don’t mind them a bit. Don’t even bother to look up. Your sweetie is a plenty tough guy, believe you me.

My German is improving, too. Darling, I hope you are keeping yourself busy and making the time pass swiftly for you until we are together again.

As for the Dutch people. Again I can’t speak too highly for them. In spite of the fact that the people have little to eat they are are [sic] so very generous.

I have drank their coffee (which they grow themselves) and tasted their pumpernickle [sic] bread with home made butter. One of the “delicious” which I have yet to taste is a patty made of cows blood and cracker meal.

I showed the family your picture and they admit I made a fine choice. They have invited you to stay over their house when we visit Holland after the war.

Sweetheart, I am now beginning to receive your mail. I received some of your mail dated the 10 and 11th of October and yesterday I received your letter dated 30, 31, of Octover [sic] and the 3 & 4th of November. Imagin[e] only 8 days in transmission. It’s wonderful!

Darling, I’ve written you practually [sic] everyday up to the 26, of October (Air Mail). So you have no legitimate gripe coming. You can’t imagine how happy your letters make me. Bubs, I’m so much in love with you. I’m glad to hear that Irv Lader is at home. Have you been receiving my EFM messages? I’ve sent 3.

Bye for now, Love & More Love


[Transcription ends]