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Saturday night 11/11/44

Typing in UK’s room

My dearest darling,

Guess I’m just not “on the ball” tonight since I only had the patience to write 5 letters and 2 postal cards, and that isn’t my usual Sat. night quota. I sent cards to Alma and Harold and to the Filiurins, since that is all I got from them. However, I wrote letters to the following people: Mort, Bjorkmans, Melnikoff, Edelsberg, and Pvt. John Allen. The latter is that Consc. Objector that Dad and I picked up on our way home from La. Remember I told you about him? Anyhow, he sent Dad a beautiful edition of the Bible, and knowing that Dad would never thank him, I decided to do it. It certainly was thoughtful and nice of him, and now, bit by bit I’m reading the Bible, and truly find it interesting. Of course, I expected it to be! I think instead of a religious education, I would merely recommend the reading of the Bible by all Children in Jr. high and High school.

Today we received mail from the Altmans, and Al is once more a civilian. Am sending you some of the letters I answered, plus a B’nail [sic] Brith Announcement which contains a lot of addresses of fellows I know you know, and I think you will be interested. You might write in and change your address with them.

Meant to write some letters to the Gov’t concerning our bank account (allotment) and our bonds, but am just too tired tonight. That’ll just have to wait for tomorrow.

Finally, the car is once more running and in fairly decent shape. Went to the Ration Bd. This morning, and I shall have their verdict about extra gas for me some time next week.

Mom bought Sanf a real nice pair of pastel green and heavy white strip pajamas at $4.55 which she’s giving him as a birthday gift. I think that is darn nice!

Expected to buy quite a few things in town today and merely ended up by buying two pairs of wool socks. Boy, am I saving money!

Mom bought a stunning dress today and a hat! We bought Dad two “sanzzy” [sic] ties, and UK bought a hat and socks. We really had a shopping excursion for a change.

Also, I went to the library to get material (songs) for the Gay Ninties [sic] and found a swell book. Also, took out “Porgy” by Heyward because I’ve been meaning to read it for years and it is a 28 day book so maybe I’ll get around to it if I have it in the house. And also, I couldn’t resist a book on (forgot the exact title) how to keep a car running.

Enclosed find two pictures. The one of Amy (Lt. Embry) and myself—of course, you know where that was taken, and the other picture of me and a popcorn ball was taken at the Art Museum fountain! Please note how fat your wife is! Would you believe it that right now, today, I’m 11 lbs. lighter, look and feel wonderful and still expect to lose some more. I’ll take another picture very shortly and then you can judge the difference for yourself.

Nothing else to write at present except that I’m very sleepy and missing you more and more every day. I love you, sweetheart.

Ever yours,


[Transcription ends]