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November 8, 1944

Wednesday 1:45 p.m.


I’m starting this letter during the day because this evening I plan to go to Bedford & visit with an old high school chum of mine--Gertie Cermak Patchin. She’s the one who has her own home & twin daughters.

Enclosed is a comic strip from “Terry [and] the Pirates” by Milt Caniff. I knew you would be interested!! I get a “big kick” out of that strip.

Honey, I promised Uk I’d drive her to school this morning--thinking that, at last, my car would run, but dagone, if I don’t walk out and find a flat tire. Nuts!!! Nuts! Nuts!! I went ahead & took Dad’s car cause I had to get Uk to school--it was 8:15 & then, I took the car to work!

One of our teachers (Mrs. Kiefer) is pregnant, & oh gosh, they just don’t seem to get enough personnel to keep all these schools really well-staffed.

The weather has turned a little warmer & I think that is how I keep getting a sore throat--this continually [sic] change in temperature from one day to the next.

Honey--no moment goes by that I don’t think of you. You are a swell husband & I adore you.

Must attend to a few restless children.

Forever & ever yours


11:30 P.M.

Had a swell visit with Gert & her husband, Ralph. They remind me of June & Kenny Bjarkman. There [sic] home is very nice, but a little on the small side for a young couple who hope for more children. The twins are really, really adorable & she’s really training them--no fooling!! Ralph is some sort of “ginder” [?] in a defense plant!

By the way do you know a girl, Sara Levine--E. 147th St.? Well, she’s a girlfriend of Gert’s & Gert has some “lush” gossip about Sara & Al Ralfe. Al wanted to marry her at one time cause he had gotten a girl in Columbus in trouble & thought that as a married man he’d be a little safer. Sara & he were datin’ for 4 yrs. So he though [sic] she’d agree to marry in the hurry--she was too smart for him! How do you like that for some real 1939 Gossip?

I got pd. today--$60.00 -$4.40 deductions. Shall put that check into our savings acc’t. per usual. However, there’s a 6th Was [sic] Loan Drive coming up, so my next pay check I’ll put into a band for you!

Haven’t rec’d our $50.00 bond from the gov’t, plus our $25.00 added allottment [sic} money for Oct.--shall write away & find out what is what. You check up too!

Uk got a letter from Fred--he’s coming home (he hopes) for 10 days (Dec. 17-27). Uk is quite happy about it, but forlorn that he can’t come to her sorriety [sic] dance Dec. 29--but, that’s the ways of the Army. Huh?

Your little girl really keeps busy--so busy that it’s hard for her to get to do just the little things--like sewing a button on her coat!

Must go gargle my throat which feels a little better today.

All my love always,


P.S. It’s raining!!!

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