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Monday, 9:15 p.m., 11/6/44

In bed

My precious darling--

Of course I save your letters! They are all I can have of you right now & I love to read them over & over as I did yesterday morning in bed.

Today, I rec’d your V-mail of the 19th & honestly, I don’t know where to address your mail since that form blank I rec’d says to use APO 84. Oh well, I’ll try & write both a V-mail & air mail everyday. The V-mail I’ll sent [sic] to APO 87064 & the air mails to APO 84.

Honey--mom called the bank for me today. We got $150.00 deposit this month--that’s all. What happened to the $25.00 extra for last month? I’ll try to check on it when I go to the bank theirs [sic]. Also, so far, we have not rec’d our $50.00 bond for Nov. Perhaps, you would like to check on those matters too?

Please tell me what ETO stands for? That’s a new one--as far as I know anyhow.

Have some pictures to send you but I’ll wait until I’m sure of your address.

After I vote tomorrow, I’ll send you my sample ballot with comments. I’m very anxious to know how the election will come out!

The car was towed to the garage this morning. Oh gosh, what troubles!

Spoke to your folks this evening--nothing new, & Sanf has “car trouble”--too!

My throat has been feeling kind of “raw”--guess it is this “wet, cold spell” that did it. Also, I have to work 7:30-3:30 tomorrow, so I decided to get in bed early tonight. I was feeling so good--it would have to rain & get me down!

My darling--I dreamt you got a promotion & that the General said you should have gotten it a long time ago. What rationalization--even in dreams!--But sweets--don’t worry about the silver bar--just take care of yourself & come back to me as soon as you can cause I really, truly, honestly love you more than anyone else in the world.

Ever yours,

Edith .

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