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Wednesday Night

11 January 1944

Bubsie Darling--

Sure wish you’d keep one address. Again, I’m mailing this letter to A.P.O. 84, because I rec’d a V-mail (form blank) today saying that that is where I should send your mail until I’m notified further. The form had no date on it, but the envelope was postmarked Oct. 30th, so I guess those are the latest orders. Huh?

Since I got that form blank (it also contained your code for a cablegram) I shall try & cable you tomorrow--I certainly want you to know as soon as possible that I’m more madly in love with you than ever!

Mom & Dad picked me up at work today & then we went to get the little car. Gosh, they “soaked” Dad $100.00 for the car & honey, I hate to say this, but the car doesn’t sound too different! It sounds as if someone might have done a little for it but not too much. Well if it holds out for the winter, I’ll be very happy!

Called your folks tonight & they wanted to know if I’d like to go to an Open House for Irv Lader tonite. I said “no” cause I was uninterested, & secondly, I had alot [sic] to do. I spoke to Sanf & told him I’d be over tomorrow night. I promised to bring him some of your letters. He got a “kick” out of your adventures and observations, & I don’t mind sharing certain parts of your letters with him. I’m sure Sanf’s “all for me”--cause, the other night he paid me a really high complement [sic]--”[I]f there was another girl like you, I’d get married.”

Honey, I’m having a hell of a time locating a play for my dramatic group because of their varied ages, plus the fact that the kids want to put little or no time into it, plus the lack of costume’s [sic] & scenery. Don’t know what I’m going to do!

Enclosed article interested me & I think you can see why. I quite agree with Ruth Mellett & really believe both of us have a new idea of what things matter--I believe we are alot [sic] more realistic because of the war, the insecurity & the need of adapting ourselves to varied circumstances at a moment’s notice.

You are the most adorable & wonderful person I know--& the very best husband I could ever want!

Yours truly


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