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Saturday night 10/28/44

In Ukie’s room

Dearest Darling,

Boy, I really did work tonight. I wrote either letters or cards to the following people, either answering mail from them, or asking them why they haven’t written, or, trying to locate their whereabouts: Geo. Miller, Esther Moskowitz, Fred Grail, Sid Raiken, Evelyn Meinkoff, Helen Curley, Mort, Alice Pevsner, Tom Kentes, Jerry Black, Leo Shaw, and Syl Hirshfield. Some of the letters I answered, I’m sending to you.

Today we received a letter from Harriet Faliurin. Ed is still in this country in the midst of changing stations. Also, we received a card from Geo. Miller. He is now a physical exercise instructor at Brooke General Hosp. in the midst of Heaven called San Antonio, Texas. What a lucky, lucky boy, and I think he knows it! At least, he writes about how swell it is down there!

I received two letters from you today. One was written 10/16, and the other, 10/18. However, my darling, if you have written me every day I’m missing many letters from the time you left until about the 14th of this month. Did you write every day, or, haven’t I received all the mail, as yet?

As I write to our friends, I tell them of your change of address. However, sweetheart, what do you mean when you say “APO’s are good for 6 mos. always?”

Thanks for Stan’s letter. I read it, copied the new address, and threw it away. I really have nothing to write him, but will send him one of our Xmas cards.

Gee sweets--you really must have been pretty tired the day you wrote me that I could take a nip out of your “tussie” and you wouldn’t even squawk. I’m going to put that down in my notebook and hold you to it someday, as it has been one of my life-long ambitions, and golly hones, it sure will taste good. I adore you, my dearest one!

Honey, I thoroughly enjoy your letters, and I’m particularly glad you notice things that will interest me: for instance, like children. You probably know, no doubt, that the state of a nation can be told by looking at many of their children. No doubt in most of those war devastated countries, the children’s faces show their wants and hopes!

I definitely would not like to see any more bloodshed after this war, but honey, I can’t help but hope that this “color question” becomes an issue. Unless minority rights and liberties are insured [sic], what kind of a democracy have we? Okay, don’t answer that--it’s known we only have “our form” of gov’t called a democracy. Which reminds me--wouldn’t it be the worst thing that could happen, if Roosevelt carries the majority of votes, but Dewey wins by the electral [sic] votes? Ukie helped out in the nursery today since we were short-staffed. Personally, she likes working with older children as she definitely likes the “teaching angle,” while I prefer the younger ones, because there is where you can mold for a social and emotional angle.

I had a half day off, so Uk and I went to the library, and I fished around for plays for my dramatics group, but I was unsuccessful as they don’t have “Janie” or “Junior Miss” in, and I thought of submitting those two to the group for approval. I feel if they can vote on the play they want to do, we’ll get better response. I saw “Hostages” at the library and looked through it, but since it deals with Germany and the Gestapo (right?), I don’t feel like reading it. However, if you really think it is a “super” book, say so, and I’ll read it!

Uk has a cold in her head so I’m glad she didn’t have a date for tonight and could stay in bed.

Here’s some news (gossip). Shirley Berger Lurie gave birth. However, I understand, that husband, Capt. Lurie, is in a general hospital with some sort of mental trouble!

Arnoff was bought out by Jacobson, and now is trying to say he has retired. Since he’s not with Jacobson any longer, his wife and he are not on as good terms as they should be, and people have been smelling the ugly word, “divorce.”

My cousin Maxie, after having his grocery store for about 2½ months, decided he is working too hard and now wants to sell it in order to buy a “smoking shop”--commonly known as a poolroom. Personally, I think the guy is crazy as I understand the grocery was a “going” business.

Oh yes, bought Alma a very nice box of stationary [sic] for her birthday.

My back is starting to hurt as I’m sitting on a stool instead of a chair. And anyhow, I guess I’ve just run out of anything more to say in this letter, except that I feel fine, still taking the pills, and hope I lose weight.

How do you look my sweets? Gosh, I can just about smell you near me now, and I love it. You know, dearest, I wouldn’t admit it before, but when I think of you, I always thing [sic] of you as when you come off the field in your fatigues, sweating and dirty, with your 5 o’clock shadow--you really look very virile, and your hairy chest sparkles with sweat and you seem all aglow, which you probably are with so much prespiration [sic] on you. I adore you, Bubsie--and I’m “tickled pink” that you are all mine! I certainly am all yours--no doubt about it.

Ever yours,


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