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Nap hour at the Nursery

My dearest darling,

Since I wrote you last night, there really isn’t much new. I started taking my “reducing tablets”--one a ½ hr. before breakf. & lunch. So far, I feel fine--in fact, super duper! They seem to give me a lot of pe [sic], & so far, I’ve eaten everything, but I haven’t felt like “stuffing” myself.

The children seem rather restless today. That’s probably due to the weather. It can’t make up its mind whether it’s going to rain or be a nice afternoon.

Dad is going to the Shoe Convention in Chicago this week-end. Well, he’ll be gone Sun. nite-Thurs. Mother, Uk & I will, then, have a glorious time with the car & meals out!

Your coat & everything is clean & nice. If you need anything, write me & I’ll send it. The only thing I still have to get cleaned is your good summer uniform.

I shall buy Coronet Magazine every month & then, we can exchange ideas on the various articles in the magazine!

There’s nothing more right now to say, except that I love you more & more each day.

Yours forever--


11:30 p.m.

Just came in a little while ago & found your letter. Gosh, was I surprised to see it was an air mail. It is the first air mail letter I have rec’d from you & it is dated 10/17. Have you written me any others? If you haven’t--then you really haven’t been writing me daily! Have you been receiving, at least, one letter a day from me?--What I mean--when you get my mail, are there any dates missing, because I write, at least, one each day!

Thank goodness for this air mail letter I rec’d from you with the enclosed Time article. I now have a much clearer picture of your job. But tell me, sweets, won’t you be connected with 327th F.A.Bn. again?

I shall send out our “lousy” Xmas cards as soon as I get your list of officers & men. Also, please let me always know whether to use the latest address on your envelope--or what?

I’m really not in the mood to read “Hostages,” but since you recommend it so highly, I’ll get it.

No ill effects, as yet, from the benzederine [sic] pills, but, as I said before, I feel more “pepped up.”

Morty called tonite--but I was at the settlement house so didn’t talk to him. He’s fine & they should be “pulling out” shortly. However, he’s trying to transfer to Naval Air Corps. He thinks he wants to be an H.P.

Mom called your folks tonight, & I guess they’ll come over for Sun. aft. & evening.

Heard from June & Kenny today. They are leaving for home Nov. 1st on leave. Shall send you their letter eventually. Also, heard from Kitty Speert, but she has little or nothing to say.

Danny’s (aged [sic] 2½ ) father (a sailor home on liberty) came for him today. Danny hasn’t seen him in about 7 mos. & honey, he wouldn’t even go to his father. I felt so badly for the father that I almost cried. Gee sweets--maybe we were wise in not having a child?--I certainly want my child to know his father!

Tonight the kids at the Settlement tried out for a one pg. (typewritten) one-act play called “The Saga of Little Nell”--a Gay 90[s] burlesque. I found I had some “naturals” for the parts. Next week, we will give it just for our own group & criticize--then, I think we’ll go to work on a Gay 90[s] Revenue [sic] or “Junior Miss,” or something like “Janie.” You see, I work with 19 kids 12-16 yrs. (that’s the latest figure) so I have to get something to fit both age levels!

I scrubbed my hair the other night & now--no more dandruff. Shall I send you a jar of Vita Fluff?

My darling--there’s no one quite like you--each day you become dearer to me.

I adore you--


P.S. Your letter to Uk was enjoyed by all. It is adorable--just as you are!


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