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27 October 1944

In France

My beloved Darling,

Sweetheart, at the present time I’m located near Paris but as yet have not had an opportunity to see the muched [sic] talked about place. We have it fairly comfortable here except for the fact that we sleep in pyramid tents [;] however, we have German prisoners work for us and they are putting in a wooden floor in our tent & we’ve also acquired canvas cots so it is becoming very pleasant.

Darling, you should hear their heels “clock” when I call them to attention in German and tell them what work we want them to do. Sweetheart, I don’t like to boast but I feel very much at home with the French language and France itself. Bubs, you and I (& the children) will have to take a trip through Europa.

Golly, I should have a bunch of mail when I finally get it. I do hope you are receiving mail regularly.

Let me tell you an amusing incident concerning our crossing to France. You remember about my being on an LST for 6 days. Well, the 6th night we were given permission to go to town in an assault boat, since we were anchored inside the breakwater. Lt. Willman, Bottingheimer & myself along with 4 other officers went into town to look around. About 8 o’clock in the event [sic] we heard that no boats would take us back to the LST since the channel was very rough that evening. We were told to come up to the landing at 8 o’clock the next morning & that they would take all [of us] to the ship lying [sic] at anchor. That night we stayed in an English [h]otel ($3.00 per person including breakfast of tea and toast).

The next mroning [sic] we went out to the landing to learn that our LST had just sailed. Boy, we hopped into a Higgins boat & dashed out to the breakwater but to no avail, our ship had pulled too far out & we couldn’t catch up with it.

So we got on another LST the following evening and hit France about 12 hrs. after the first LST. Capt. Dillon wan’t [sic] sore, he was sweating us out. Technically we were AWOL. Tsch! Tsch! We’re bad boys. It was a lot of fun anyways.

Bye, my dearest. I close with fondest endearment to you & our folks.

I love you


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