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26 October 1944

In France

Dearest adorable sweetheart,

Please excuse those anxious days when you were awaiting a letter from me. I’ve been constantly on the go and have not had the opportunity to write or mail you a letter. This stationary [sic] will arrive dampt [sic] because of the awful rainy weather which we have been “enjoying.”

France is a beautiful country and the people can be truly admired. They can still smile despite the devastation, and I mean utter destructions of their homes. I have seen Cherbou[r]g, St. Lo, Vise, Flers, Dreux, Chatres and hope to see many more of France.

I’ve had numerous experiences thus far. We laid at anchor on L. S. T. ship for 6 days before we could cross the channel. The channel crossing was very uneventful however. We had a nice time aboard the L. S. T.—no kicks coming.

My mail situation has been terrible. I have received no mail since I left the outfit to work on this temporary detail. I hope that you are receiving my mail, at least.

I’m surprised how well I get along with the French language. The little French children crown the “chow” lines for food and sweets. The French people wave to the soldiers as they ride by. They are very friendly people but still lock their shutters come 8 o’clock (P. M.)—The results of the Nazi occupation.

Sweetheart, I picked up the enclosed clipping in the Stars & Stripes telling about the gas explision [sic] in Cleveland. I was very anxious about this matter & hope to hear from you so I may hear about the disaster.

I’m writing this letter while sitting in a truck so if the writing is poor you have your reason.

I love you, I love you, I love you—words cannot express how much I miss you (deep down inside).

I shall continue to write as often as I can, so don’t become perturbed when you don’t hear from me for a while as I shall be very bush [sic] & unable to write each & every day.

Au Revoir, ma amour

Your husband who idolizes you,


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