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Hurriedly at 11:15 p. m.

My darling—

Tomorrow I world 8:30—4:30; therefore, this hurried letter this evening since it is late & I must get up at 6:45.

Don’t forget that I love you—love you more than anything or anybody!

Sweetheart—so much to write—Dad, Mom, Uk & I went to see “Dragon Seeds” tonite. Katerine [sic] Hepburn & Walt Huston—superb!

Really good picture! However, can’t stand Dad’s comments. He says “propaganda” about everything; but damm [sic], the Am. People need more films like “Dragon Seeds.” Just because Dad is aware of “existing things” is no sign other people are.

Rain again today—nuts! I hate Cleveland weather!

Signed up for group hosp. ins. thru Bd. of Educ. It’s 60¢ mos. ward service, deducted semi-annually. I took it out for myself merely & mainly for clause #6 “maternity care after contract has been in effect for 12 mos. including use of delivery room.” Hope it’ll come in necessary—huh?

Alma called tonige [sic]. She’ll be in tomorrow, so excuse me, sweets, if my coming letters will be brief until her visit is over. Harold isn’t coming—he’s got a sick Mom. I can see where Alma & I will just really “bull.”

And the mail today—Alice P’s letter worrying about males;—Martha Altman 3 mos. pregnant & Al in Camp Dix awaiting his discharge; & a letter from Syl Hirshfield saying she was “thrilled” to hear from you & she is going to send you a package. Gosh, honey, no wonder you don’t ask me for anything—you let our friends & relatives spend their money. Oh yes—a letter from Winnie Luddecke—very sweet & told me she, also, heard from High & glad you & Hugh “hit it off,” etc, etc.

Oh yes—2 letter[s] from Mort—nothing from you.

Teachers’ meeting tomorrow for sure!

Sweetheart, darling—must take my bath! Love you madly—wish you were here to wash my back.



X Goodnight my love!

I knew I forgot something. Another cablegram cam[e] from you today—o’er the phone—but hon—it sounds exactly like the 1st one. What say?