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Dearest Sweetheart--

Bubsie, I don’t care if it’s 9, 6, 12:30 or what--I must write & tell you how elated I was with your cablegram--gosh, honey, surprised, happy, overjoyed--nothing could adequately describe my state of mind.

So terribly glad you are “fit & well” & hearing from me. I love you so, my dear! I was surprised to hear from you so soon--I knew if I’d wait long enough--well, honey, I guess this was my night! --By the way, I hope you realize that a yr. ago today you were first preparing to leave the country with the 88th? We have been lucky--we had almost a whole, extra year together!

Let’s see what’s news today. Mrs. Bennett (head teacher) came back to work today after a “cold seige” [sic]. However, she seems swell as long as she doesn’t work with the children. Therefore, altho’ she believes in more routines, stricter discipline, etc., she is not with the children enough to matter. From about 12-6 this week I’ve been in full chg., so I run things completely my way. Some night when I don’t have too much to write you, I’ll give you a minute description of our set-up.

Met Sanf at 105th Euc. & we had dinner at Chin’s. Then, we went to see “Since You Went Away” at Loew’s State. Gosh, I cried “buckets”--it was a real “tear-jerker.” The acting & photography was [sic] good, but the picture, otherwise, n.g.--it takes an almost average Am. family & almost everything happens to it that can possibly happen to a family in war time.

I took the Rapid home (Sanf the street-car) & Dad met me at the Rapid stop only because he was up playing cards. Nuts! Boy, I sure would have hated walking “our stretch” at midnight! Then, I found out about your cablegram. Of course, my family tried to be “too good” so they called your folks & told them. Personally, I think that was my job!

Also, the “little car” still isn’t fixed & gosh hon--once I get home, I feel “stifled” without a car--I can’t get my clothes to the cleaners, or anything. Personally, I’m sorry I didn’t immediately upon arriving home get an ap’t in town. That would have been the smartest thing to do.

I’ve been thinking of calling Crile Hosp. & seeing if I’m eligible (emotionally & otherwise) to take a few soldiers out for a drive on Sunday. Also, I would like to have one or two soldiers over for Thanksgiving dinner. The above is another reason I wish I had my own ap’t, because I don’t know how Mom would act towards a wounded serviceman & I’d feel he was my responsibility. Know what I mean?

I’ve been meaning to go over to Dr. Seigel & get a prescription for those Benzedrine [sic] tablets, but damm--I’ve found no convenient means of transportation there.

Darling, everying [sic] I do is in terms of you. I’m going to reduce, so when I see you, I only weight [sic] 123 lbs. I get new clothes in terms of when I’ll be able to wear them when [sic] with you. Sweetheart--Bubsie--I love you!

Boy, soon I’ll get a “stack” of mail from you--I can’t wait. I “chewed” Sanf tonite, because he still hasn’t written you even one line!

My darling--my sandman is here--let me kiss you good-night. Xummm!

My love forever--


[Transcription ends]