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Tuesday night


My adorable sweetheart,

This working from 10 – 6 is “getting me down” as it never leaves me any time in the evening to do anything. Also, I can’t seem to sleep later than 7:15 a.m.—so what good does it do me?

Most of the teachers were still out with colds today. I had to handle a lot of things myself, including a B.M. in the pants. Honey, I think this is kind of funny! I had the child all clean & had planned to wash the pants in the toilet. But I accidentally (honestly) flushed the toilet & skidoo went the pants. It didn’t stuff the toilet & I didn’t have to clean the pants—so all ended well! Well, the same little kid who “dirtied” her pants fell off the swing & with her own teeth bit her inside lip which really bled & I had a chance to do first aid—nuts!!

Today we rec’d our first letter from Mort since he got back to his ship. He asked for your address (expect a letter from him) & he, also, definitely wanted Rhoda Menschel’s address. (Girl I met in N. Y.) It seems he’d like to get married, but he just hasn’t faound “the gal!”

This evening Harold & Alma Rueben called me from Youngstown. Gosh, I was so happy to talk to them, I nearly cried. They hope to be in Cleve. the beginning of next week before they go on to Cornell Univ, where H—is going for another course!

Called Helen Edelsberg’s mother & got Jules & Helen’s new address. They moved from Fort Knox to Calif—that is, Jules’ whole outfit moved there for amphibious training. Here is his address:

T/Sgt. Jules Edelsberg 35020878

Hq. & Service Co.

764th Amphibious Tractor Bn.

Ford [sic] Ord. Calif.

Also, I called the Hymans up. They thought I had been avoiding them, so I promised to go to dinner with them some night next week.

Tomorrow night I think I have to meet your brother for dinner. Hope he remembers! He’s not very good about such things!

Bubs—I love you so very much. When I think of you, a warm glow comes over me, & I remember your cute “li lassie” & the tree on your body & the way you “holler” on me, & all your funny little ways. I adore you!

I do hope you are writing me often. I can’t wait to get my hands on that stack of mail.

My love-forever,


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