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Monday night


My precious sweetheart,

Tonight I was a very good girl, because I called your folks, and wrote letters to the following people: Mrs. Luddecke, Fred Livingstone, Lt. Lame, Al and Martha Altman, Helen and Davey, and Syl Hirshfield.

Your folks are just fine, and I will probably get around to seeing them this week-end some time.

Uk heard from Fred today and it seems as if he fell off the wing of a bomber and is in the hospital now. They claim he bumped his head plenty hard.

Today I received a letter from Lolly which I will send you very shortly. No new outfits have moved in at Claiborne or Livingston but she says the town is still plenty crowded. Also, Mrs. Johnson gave her a letter to forward to me from the Dunn Hotel in Poplar Bluff, Mo. Seems I made a reservation for Sima and myself, but then, we found we didn’t have to stop there on the way home. Now, they sent me a bill for one night’s lodging because of the reservation, but they will have a “devil” of a time collecting! I’ll be damn[ed] if I send them $2.55. Not me—unless I have to!

Sent on to you Sol’s and a few other letters I have answered.

Spoke to Sanf and we will probably get together the latter part of this week.

Today I arrived at work at 10 a.m. Had they had my phone no. which I had neglected to give them, I would have had to be at work earlier because, all the teachers except myself and Mrs. Cox, were home with sore throats or colds. How do you like that? So, of course, between Mrs. Cox and myself we worked like a pair of mules. But, that’s the way it goes. Still am thinking about working for N. Y. C. information desk for four hrs. every night. I understand the pay is good! I shall look into it!

Gosh honey, some times I get so “______lonesome” for you, I could scream. I just can’t live without you! Luckily, I adopted the attitude that every day that passes brings me one day nearer to you. I love you, my darling!

For a while there I was thinking of only working part time and going back to school for 18 hrs. and getting my teacher’s certificate. However, to go to Reserve would cost me approximately $200. For 18 hours, and I don’t feel like spending the money. If I got to OSU, of course, there’s my expenses for living out-of-town. Nuts! Again, when the new semester starts, I’ll try and see how many night classes I can take, but damn, I dismissed college (even 18 hours) from my mind, until I get some money saved, and a free vacation out of this job!

I’ve been so very busy, I don’t even have time to read. Nuts!

I think of you every moment of the day, and can’t wait for that great Speerts’ Lovers’ Day when we get together.

All my love all the time,


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