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Sunday night


My beloved,

Today, although I had very nice time, I missed you more than ever before, and expecially now, 10 p.m., I lie in bed with ice cold feet & dream of your warmth. I adore you, my sweetheart! More & more I’m getting anxious to hear from you, but it shouldn’t be long now!—anyhow, I hope not!

Amy & I got up about 10:30 a.m. & I made some breakfast for us. Then we had lunch at a little place near the Playhouse. Honey, we went to see “My Sister Eileen” & it was better than ever! You know, I wanted to take Amy some place nice & when we got to the Playhouse, I learned that service people go free there—& tickets are a $1.30. That’s something, n’est ce-pas?

Gosh, the few times were were in Cleve. we could have gone to some nice places, but no, we always “pissed” our time away with relatives! Nuts!

From the Playhouse, Amy & I went to the Cleve. Art Museum & ate popcorn. It was fun! What a combination—“culture & corn.” We took some pictures & when I have them developed I’ll send them to you. Once again I found a picture I couldn’t live without—actually, it’s a statute [sic], but I bought a print of it for 15¢ & will eventually have “The Turtle Baby” framed—it’s a nude child (about 2 ½) holding a turtle by the tail in each hand. What a weird collection of pictures I have—but I love one better than the other!

We had dinner at the New China & then took Amy to the R. R. to meet Cap’t Davis & I went on home.

Amy & I will probably get together again very shortly. She’s a nice girl & devoted to her job!

This is the first nite in a long time that I haven’t been utterly exhausted!

Gosh Bubs—if I could just cuddle up against you—smell you—oh joy—I think that would be heaven on earth! Sweetheart, I love you with every part of my being—you’re all the world & more to me!

All ways & always



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