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A friendly wave - December 28, 1943

To The Bryant Service Club:

I received your grand package of hard, delicious candy about a week before Christmas and enjoyed it immensely. I certainly appreciated your thoughtfulness and thanks so much.

The work you are doing is something that will long be remembered, for it is just such people as you that keep us, in the service, driving toward our purpose- Victory and lasting peace.

This is beautiful country here but can’t be compared to good, old New England especially the ocean. Our quarters are situated directly across the Arlington Cemetery and any time during the day can be seen [?] mansion overlooking the city. This is damp, windy weather and unbearably hot and sticky in the summer.

I was home in August on a seven – days leave and am counting the days until I go home again, which won’t be until May. Andree Wetzler is stationed in Washington and we have had many a talk together concerning our beloved college and she gave me all the news – what has been happening since I left. Much to my surprise & found strange what had occurred such as new teachers, many of the girls were married, engaged or joined the service, which I had known and pal’d around with.

Keep up the good work, Bryant Service Club and God bless you all. A Very Happy and Prosperous New Year – Just Another WAVE- Eleanor Eldridge

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