Leon H. Finkle


Morris Cofman

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Sept. 11, 1943

Dear Miss Blaney,

While Cofman is busy organizing a orchestra so that we might enjoy a few dances here at William + Mary. I thought I’d drop you a note and give you his address so that he too might have a copy of the Ledger.

My copy hasn’t gotten here yet but I expect it any day now. I’d like to thank you for it now for I know you realize how I’ll enjoy reading it.

Moe and I have been together ever since we left Bryant. The army chose to send us here for further training in the field of engineering and once again we’re able to ramble to and from classes, pass + flunk tests and criticize professors. Naturally we don’t lead the life of “Joe College” every thing is still army of G.I. Plenty of drill, rigorous physical program and a greatly accelerated scholastic schedule.

I’m rather envious of Bryant and its abundance of Women and from all reports I understand their quite a beautiful lot but we’re waiting for the girls to return here in about 2 weeks 600 will arrive so I haven’t much right to appear envious. however we’ll be glad to get back and finish our job there. It won’t be long now.

Leon Finkle

Cadet Morris Cofman
Co A 3321 ASTU
College of William + Mary
Williamsburg, Va.

It wasn’t Dave Kaufman as you wrote me. I don’t know his serial no. but it’s not necessary.

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