Raymond Fogarty


World War II

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T-5 Raymond Fogarty
Co. “A” 58th Sig Bn
APO #301 c/o Postmaster
San Francisco, Calif. US Army

Bryant Service Club
c/o Bryant College
1 Young Orchard Avenue
Providence, R.I. U.S.A.

January 5/43

Hello Members,

Just a note of acknowledgement and appreciation on the receipt of your Christmas Greeting and cigarettes.

Once again I’ve had a change of address. I’m now as in accordance with censorship rules and regulations, “somewhere in Australia.” Since my arrival here I’ve been transferred back out on the line so no longer am I putting into practice, here in the army, the training received at Bryant, instead I’m hiking poles and still in the act of getting into condition muscles that one doesn’t use behind a typewriter.

This past week I received the November issues of “On the Campus.” It was nearly as good as attending a Bryant Reunion, just reading them for many old familiar names were again called to mind, and with them pleasant memories once again renewed.

If the morale of every member of the Bryant Alumni in the armed forces receives the same boost as does mine on the receipt of these rembrances [sic], and I’m sure that they do, then you’re all doing a grand job.

Raymond Fogarty ‘36 [Transcription ends]