Letter Written by Raymond Fogarty to the Bryant College Service Club Dated September 2, 1943

Raymond Fogarty


[Transcription begins]

September 2nd 1943
Columbus, 10, Ohio

Dear Bryant College Service Club,

A million thanks to all the members of the club, for remembering all of us who are in the armed forces. If everyone is like myself, they are certainly pleased with the receipt of packages and letters sent their way.

You ask for correction on some of the address [sic]. You have a few that I know are incorrect, but if a letter was sent to them at the old address it’ll be transferred to them, as was mine. Anthony Merola is at Camp Croft, South Carolina, Frank Zorea is at the air base in Houlton, Maine, William Bento is at the Gunnery School in Florida, Mario Roque is at Virginia College, Virginia, Robert Patt is in Tennessee, and myself am at Co. B. 1547th Ser. Unit, S.T.A.R. Ohio State University, Columbus, 10, Ohio. I’ll be transferred in a few days to some other college, eastern, I hope, to study engineering. Incidentally, Mario Roque is also in school in the A.S.T.P.

I read in the Providence Journal of the graduation exercises and by the article it seemed to be highly successful.

Two days ago, “Tony” Merola and myself said goodby [sic], after five months of training together, we became pretty well attached. Yes, he left yesterday for Camp Croft, S.C. We both were in the A.S.T.P. to study, he Italian and myself French, but the quota being filled up we took our chances on engineering. Both of us didn’t have too much mathematics and so we were doubted as to getting in. I was lucky enough to pass the requirements but Tony wasn’t. I hated to see him leave as we’ve been together so long, but the Army doesn’t take that into consideration. If you hear from him please forward his address to me, I’ll appreciate it very much.

Ray [Transcription ends]