Raymond Fogarty


World War II

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T. S. Raymond Fogarty 3rd ?6646
Co. “A” 58th Sig Bn APO #503
c/o Postmaster, San Francisco
California, U.S. Army

Bryant Service Club
c/o Bryant College
Providence, RI

April 17th I think

“Somewhere in New Guinea”

Hi There,

At my last writing I was in the land of “down under” however for the past few months we’ve been studying the natives of New Guinea pro and con, mostly con. Our work is purely signal and our work weeks of the seven day variety, however one doesn’t mind too much if the work day is long and the days stand out and for we’re paid off in self satisfaction in the knowing that our job is well done and is having a direct effect on the outcome of this war. If time and space would permit I’d send along a thesis on the ant and other insect life here and the Lord only knows that here there exists each and every variety known to mankind, however the result of said discourse on these lowlifes [sic] wouldn’t aid or abet their social standing. The natives here, or Fuzzie Wuzzies, call them what you may, seem to have some sort of mania toward the cultivating of a real heavy long bushy head of hair and anything that is bright or shiny sooner or later finds a home there, the heads of the females seem to be clean shaven and they also seem to be the beasts of burden. Now we’re being furnished all the necessities by Uncle Sam such as cigarettes toilet articles et cetera. Always glad to hear the news from Bryant.

For now,
Ray Fogarty ‘36 [Transcription ends]