World War II;Richard E. Fogwell

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May 11, 1942

Dear M.T.

I received your interesting letter this morning. Thank you very much. I wish I knew whether or not you are a fellow or a girl so I could adjust the tenor of this letter accordingly.

You wanted to know when I graduated. I got out in ‘39 thank God. Al Stanwood was a member of my class. I got a fine laugh out of the clipping regarding his exploits in Australia. He is a fine pilot but he never could pass taxes and auditing. I belonged to Phi Sigma Nu. Please show this letter to Bill Lambert, the old “prof.” He’s a good friend of mine but he doesn’t write me often enough.

I’ll bet Miss Krupa and Dotty Hines are still trying to pound a little info into the poor students’ heads.

I also think that the soldiers appreciate those dances. Here in Denver they open the Shirley Savoy Ballroom every Sunday. It’s in a hotel about the size of the Biltmore in Providence and just as nice except there (are) no lovely houris like there are in the Bacchante Room to serve the beer.

Thanks a lot for the letter and please write again.

Dick Fogwell
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