World War II;Richard E. Fogwell

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[Transcription begins]

Dear Sir:

I have been endeavoring to contact you in order to thank [you] for the last package of cigarettes I received and to give you my address. However, it has been impossible until the present time due to the fact that I have been moving about the country frequently. At my present station, Columbia, I expect to stay for at least another month and will get in touch with you when and if there is a change.

Do you know that as far as I have been able to determine, Bryant is the only college that is doing anything in a material sort of way for its alumni. None of the other college men in my outfit have heard of such an organization in their respective colleges.

I would like to keep on receiving the Bryant paper particularly if you are devoting some space to the men in the service.

Thank you again for the cigarettes.

Yours truly,
Richard E. Fogwell
321st Bomb. Group
448th Squadron
Army Air Base
Columbia, S.C.
[Transcription ends]