World War II;Robert N. Fowler

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[Transcription begins]
901st Quartermaster Co.
Army Air Base
Wilmington, N. C.

Bryant Service Club
Bryant College
Providence, R. I.

Hello !

Thanks for the candy you sent me here at the Army Base, it really was a welcome gift since candy is one of the hardest things to find both here on the Base and in the City of Wilmington, most anything is hard to find there.

We are situated at a brand new Air Base and thus far we don’t have much in the line of a Post Exchange. All the boys were hoping for plenty of candy for the Christmas holiday. I rather imagine that the two pounds won’t last long, but you may rest assured that [it]is being appreciated not only by me but by the other men in the barrack.

I am always interested in the doings of the graduates of Bryant and the November issue of the Bulletin provided plenty of such information.

We were well provided for at dinner today; I am sure that no one could have expected more at any Army camp. The mess sergeant has certainly a swift pace for himself from now on.

Thanks again for the gift. A happier new year to all the Bryant students.

Robert N. Fowler

December 25, 1942.
[Transcription ends]