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Sqdn E, 1466 AAF Base Unit,
Air Transport Command,
APO 938, c/o Postmaster,
Minneapolis, Minn.

1944 December 8,
Bryant Service Club,
Bryant College,
Providence, Rhode Island

Dear Friends:

This is the third Christmas that I have spent away from my home in Pawtucket and Bryant College since my entry into the Armed Forces. It is also the third good will package that I have received from the Bryant Service Club in as many years. The good will package to which I have reference was this year a wonderful box of candies.

May this letter act as acknowledgement from a GI who cannot at this moment think of words that would show and give appreciation to such a splendid gesture on the part of the student body of Bryant and all those who have made it possible for me to receive a gift in one of the far corners and the coldest corner of the globe.

The thrill of receiving a package from such an institution as Bryant is far beyond words. It is a thrill that is understood and felt by all who knew Bryant and what it stands for.

Hoping that the College still prospers and extends its vast reservoir of knowledge yearly to all the new students that enter its portals in this anxious period, I thank you all again and give you my hearty wishes for a

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,

Henry J. Ganosel
Henry J. Ganosel,
S/Sgt., Air Corps.

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