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U. S. Army

Newport News Command
1st Bn Co. B Newport News, Va.

Thursday 1/27/43

Bryant Service Club
Bryant College
Providence, R. I.


Please except [sic] my apoligy [sic] for my delay in acknowleging [sic] your Christmas box, but never-the-less it was greatly appreciated and enjoyed by me and several of my buddies in the barracks. The things your club has done and is doing for us boys is wonderful and I want you all to know how much I appreciate all the packages you have sent me and also the special letter regarding the activities of the College and its men in service, there [sic] especially good and keep them coming.

I wish I could write you an interesting letter of my activities in the army but due to circumstances beyond my control I cannot do so. I can tell you I’m assigned here as a statistician in the port’s statistical division and I do find the work interesting. It isn’t much toward helping to win this war but it seems to be what is wanted of me and I’m trying my best to do a good job. I’ve enjoyed being in this part of the country but when the day comes with victory to the Allies I’ll be ready to go back to New England in a hurry.

Please forgive me this time for my delay, next time I promise to drop you a line without delay.

With all good wishes to the faculty, the student body and to the Bryant Service Club, I am

Frank Garvies
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