WWII;George A. Greenspon;AAF

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Bryant Service Club—
Providence, R. I.

Dear Students—

I received your Christmas greetings last month and it’s a wonder I did. I had 4 new addresses from the one sent to me. You see, it isn’t your fault, but in cadet training, you rarely stay more than 9 weeks in one camp.

I’m now in Basic with about 3 more months ahead before graduation and those wings.

January 30th marked my first anniversary in the army.—It sure has been a long one.

Heard from Fred & Ada Carroll recently. It sure seems like a long time ago (1942) that Bob Connor and I dished out food behind the counter. Ask anyone who was at school then and they will vouch for it—never again will there be such service—for which the Carroll’s will heave a sigh of relief.

Bob is a S/Sgt. And gunner on a B17 over England. It sure would be grand seeing him again.

Have to rush off to get some night flying now. By [sic] best to Gardner Jacobs, (if he’s still there), the Carrolls, Rita Cassels, George Richards and all the rest.

Thanks again for remembering me.

A/C George Greenspon

P. S. The ration of girls to boys is surely an inducement to take some P. G. work!

A/C George Greenspon—11100552
Flight 2-B (44-E)
Greenville, Miss.
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