World War II;Harold M. Hadley

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June 8, 1942

Bryant Service Club
c/o Bryant College
1 Benevolent Street
Providence, R. I.


It sure was a great lift to receive a package from the old “alma-mammy.” The happy thoughts that came to my mind of the good times I had and the close friendships made.

There are two people whose address I would like to have:
Edmond Avery White ‘40
Roger Pillsbury - U.S.N. Air Corps

The last I knew of “Ed” White’s travels came to me from the Alumni Bulletin. At that time, he was in training in the Army Air Corps.

The barracks we are in now have just been built, consequently the writing tables aren’t in yet. When we get “straightened out” I’ll write another letter about the country.

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your gift. So I’ll just say, “Thanks.”

Sincerely yours,
Harold M. Hadley
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