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December 9, 1943.

To the members of the Bryant Service Club,

Once again I want to thank you one and all for your thoughtfulness in remembering me when you were sending out the Christmas gifts to the Bryant Alumni in the Armed forces.

In keeping with the season I want to wish you one and all, a very merry Christmas and a happy new year- and I also want to wish you all the best luck in the world and my the Bryant Service Club grow larger and larger so that its good work and it’s name will be known all over the world wherever Bryant Alumni may gather and talk of the happy days they spent on the campus of Bryant College.

I wish to thank you again for your thoughtfulness and generosity in remembering me.

As ever
Sgt. Richard K. Harbach
31070961 Serv. Co. 166 Inf.
Fort Sill, Oklahoma

[Transcription ends]