WWII;Leo S. Harrington

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Pvt. Leo S. Harrington
Service Co. 128 Inf. APO #32
c/o P.M. San Francisco, Calif.
21 June 1944

Bryant Service Club
Bryant College
1 Young Orchard
Providence, R. I.

New Guinea

Hello Gang,

Would have answered your letter of April 6th much sooner but for the fact that I've been spending my time moving around so rapidly that my mail has had one grand time catching up with me. As a matter of fact I've moved so much lately that I'm afraid when I return to the U. S. the wanderlust will have gotten me.

At the present time am in a hospital here recuperating from another attack of malaria which has left me with anemia. The Dr. said today that they were going to give me iron, so if you hear any clanking around, you'll know it's me...of course that day is still far off.

To date haven't received the Easter package, but I'm in hopes it turns up for Christmas...that's really being an optimist at that. anyway when and if I receive it, you can be assured I'll enjoy it, so thanks for your nice thought.

By now am definitely fed up with the tropics despite the fact that the local belles wear their lap laps, sort of a sarong that Dorothy Lamour wouldn't dare to appear in, but then here modesty just isn't, at least not by the standards in the old country.

No more space now.

Sincerely yours,
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