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Box 3
Portsmouth Navy Yard
Portsmouth, N. H.
February 16, 1943

Bryant Service Club:

I have just received a letter from home stating you have had no acknowledgement of the package you mailed me on September 18. We came in off patrol on October 24 and I received your package as of the same day of which I am very grateful. I was very sorry to hear this as I mailed you a letter on October 30.

I want to congratulate the members of both the Bryant Service Club and the paper on the swell job they are doing for the fellows in the service. It is packages and letters such as I have received from Bryant that lifts a fellow up in some of his down moments.

I have often thought of the fellows I know at Bryant, wondering where they are and what they are doing.

In a recent paper, I read you would like my information, or additional information, as to fellows who attended Bryant who were in the service.

This fellow I am referring to enlisted in the Army Air Force, in January, and received his wings in October. He was sent to England in November and is still there as near as I can find out, as I have not heard from him since then. His name is:

2nd Lieut. Richard Drayton
A.A.F. England

Thanking you again and very sorry you did not receive my other letter.

Respectfully yours,
Lee H. Hastings Q.M. 3/c

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