Naval Air Station;Jimmy Durante

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December 31, 1942
S.S. Library
Naval Air Station
Service Schools
Jacksonville, Florida

How yo’ all,

Thanks for the tobacco and it certainly will be put to good use in my big “boiler”. My shipmates often caution me, “Don’t let the skipper see that pipe or he’ll make you a fireman and have you heating the barracks”.

“Believe it or not”, the sunny south isn’t all it’s cracked up to be as we’ve had a couple of heavy frosts and had to get our pea jackets and woolen gloves out of the moth balls. Oh yes, we’re not having as cold weat[her] as you’re experiencing but we’re far from sweltering.

The “Xmas season” has not passed unnoticed at this base for in front of each barrack was some scene symbolic of the season. I’m enclosing a newspaper clipping of the best one selected by the Officers and men. It shows Santa in a P.B.Y. dropping leave papers to a bunch of homesick sailors. We also enjoyed “The Latin Quarter Review” with Jimmie [sic] Durante as an added attraction. But that’s not all for the Hellgapopper Road show” plus boxing, wrestling and basketball rounded out the program.

I enjoyed Christmas dinner at the home of a swell family in Jacksonville as did many fortunate fellas.

Drop me a line and let me know what’s what and etc.

Gratefully yours,

Eddie Healy
Sea 2/c

Enclosed newspaper article titled “Yuletide Spirit at Naval Air Station” [Transcription ends]