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Black and white photograph showing (l to r): Bryant College President E. Gardner Jacobs with Honorary Degree recipients Luther H. Hodges and Percy Hodgson. Luther Hodges, former Governor of North Carolina, served as Secretary of Commerce during the Kennedy and Johnson administrations and was President of Rotary International at the time this photo was taken. Percy Hodgson had also served as President of Rotary International as well as Director of Blackstone Valley Electric Co., Eastern Utilities Associates, and Old Colony Bank. He was President and Treasurer of Parkin Yarn Mill, Inc., and President of Business Chamber Realty Co. Dr. Hodgson and his wife Edith M. Hodgson, for whom the former Bryant College library was named on June 24, 1978, travelled extensively to numerous countries as representatives of Rotary International.


Commencement, 1968, President, honorary degree, E. Gardner Jacobs, Luther Hodges, Percy Hodgson, Edith M. Hodgson, Rotary, Governor, North Carolina, Blackstone Valley Electric, Eastern Utilities, Old Colony, Parkin Yarn Mill, Business Chamber Realty, library