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This black and white photograph, circa 1961, shows an aerial view of nearly all the Bryant College campus in Providence, RI. The buildings still exist (unless otherwise indicated) but are no longer owned by Bryant.
1. South Hall at 1 Young Orchard Avenue
2. Jacobs Hall 7/9 Young Orchard Avenue
3. Gymnasium on Benevolent Street
4. Student Union on Benevolent Street
5. Placement Bureau, corner of Benevolent and Hope Streets
6. Administration Building at 154 Hope Street
7. Alumni Hall at 88 Benevolent Street
8. Stowell Hall at 10 Young Orchard Avenue at the corner of Cooke Street - Removed
9. Salisbury Hall at 8 Young Orchard Avenue – Removed
10. Allen Hall at 4 Young Orchard Avenue – Removed
11. Carroll Hall at 2 Young Orchard Avenue at the corner of Hope Street – Removed
12. Bryant Hall at 131 Hope Street - Removed
13. Faculty House at 148 Power Street- Removed
14. Gardner Hall at 6 Young Orchard Avenue
15. Governor Dyer Hall at 150 Power Street
16. Harriet Hall 71/73 Charlesfield at the corner of Brook Street
17. Curtis Hall at 74 Charlesfield at the corner of Brook Street - Removed
18. Memorial Hall corner at 75/77 Charlesfield - Removed
19. Eldridge Hall at 79 Charlesfield Street
20. Laboratory in between Charlesfield and Benevolent Streets – Removed
21. Tennis Court on the corner of Hope and Benevolent Streets
22. Tennis Court on Young Orchard Avenue – Removed
23. Harry L. Jacobs Library at 128 Hope Street at the corner of Power Street
24. Kilcup Hall at 148 Hope Street


Bryant College Campus


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