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December 30, 1943

Bryant Service Club:

Please accept my sincere thanks for the box of candy and the Christmas letter. They were both welcome and gratefully received.

For the Christmas holidays I had the good fortune to be home. While in Providence I had the opportunity of visiting Bryant for a short time on the day before it closed for the holidays. Athough [sic] I didn't have the opportunity to see all of my professors because they are now in the service, it seemed good to get a look at the buildings again and to visit with the professors remaining. My chum, also on furlough at the same time, and I enjoyed very much our little chat with Mr. Gulski, Mr. Appleby, and Mr. Naylor. We also spoke to jolly Mr. Richards a short time between class sessions.

Thanks, again, kind friends, for the Christmas package.

Your friend and alumnus,
Harold Hobson
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