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First Faculty Advisor

Diya Das

Second Faculty Advisor

Patricia Gomez


siestas; Spain employees; productivity; cultural adaptation


Bryant University

Rights Management



The study investigates the impact of siestas on workplace productivity and employee well-being in local and multinational companies based in Spain. Qualitative data was collected through interviews to examine how these companies have adapted to remote work arrangements and their views on the relevance of siestas in their operations. The study seeks to determine whether siestas play a significant role in shaping workplace cultures and policies, even amidst changing work habits brought about by the pandemic, providing insights into the ongoing debate on the relevance of siestas in modern-day work environments in Spain. Furthermore, the findings of this study can provide helpful information for companies in Spain that are considering implementing or adjusting their siesta policies and contribute to understanding the impact of cultural practices on workplace dynamics and productivity in Spain.