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First Faculty Advisor

Francis Varin

Second Faculty Advisor

Alicia Lamere


cybersecurity; artificial intelligence (AI); cyber-attacks


Bryant University

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As our world becomes more digitalized, cyber criminals have an increasing landscape to launch their attacks. Developments in Artificial Intelligence are being used both to attack and defend networks, therefore, what is the next step for cybersecurity companies when it comes to beating these criminals? A study was conducted that utilizes previous literature sources written on the topic of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the cybersecurity industry. In addition, the insights of professionals in the industry today are included through a survey and interviews to dive into the details of this battle and what lays in its future. The purpose of this study is to educate the public on the current role of AI in the industry, as it is a relatively new advancement that is slowly becoming mainstreamed. Preliminary research has shown that Artificial Intelligence may be the key to defeating these criminals, but there is much to discuss in terms of the use of this technology by cyber attackers, how it is being implemented into defense mechanisms, and the issues in the industry that may prevent this technology from growing as fast as it could be. Results from this research show that AI has a positive impact on the cybersecurity industry, but there are challenges with its implementation that have prevented it from becoming truly mainstreamed. However, as cyberattacks continue to evolve, AI will be key to winning the battle in this technology arms race.