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This work was created as an Honors Program Thesis focusing on the impact of DEI in the fashion industry in order to inform fashion companies on the importance of implementing DEI in their corporations. Impact of DEI is determined from consumer survey results and a profitability analysis.

First Faculty Advisor

Leila Zbib

Second Faculty Advisor

Jeffrey Koplik


DEI; Fashion Profitability


Bryant University

Rights Management



This research study is an examination of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the marketing and infrastructure of companies within the commercial fashion industry. The aim of this paper is twofold. First, this paper examines the purchasing preferences and behaviors of young adults and whether their opinions on diversity and inclusivity impact it. Second, this paper examines the financial impact of companies that adopted an inclusive and diverse approach to their marketing strategies and company infrastructure. I hypothesize that inclusivity and diversity are qualities highly valued by consumers and would thus have a positive financial impact on companies that focus on them. Recent literature emphasizes the overall need for improvement in the fashion industry and the results that DEI has when implemented. To test this hypothesis, I conduct a survey to evaluate peoples’ purchasing preferences, perform a financial analysis of 15 highly valued fashion companies that have adopted Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, and conduct 3 case studies of stock price and trade volume movement in response to DEI-related press releases.