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Enos, Sandra


The Hunger Project; Social Enterprise; Success


Bryant University

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The Hunger Project is a global, non-profit, strategic organization committed to the sustainable end of world hunger. For my Senior Capstone Project, I applied to collaborate with The Hunger Project who then proposed a project to me. I have gained insight into the eight African countries’ current social enterprises supported by The Hunger Project, evaluated their success, and assessed what could be done to make them more successful. My project included completing three specific tas: first, cataloging the social enterprises, second, rating their profitability and social impact, and third, creating a leverage plan for those in need of improvement. These tasks have been completed from consistent contact with each country’s Program Officers and Country Directors, the use of Survey Monkey to create a comprehensive survey incorporating questions to reflect enterprises’ success, and SPSS software to analyze results to construct a landscape assessment of the social enterprises. At the end of analysis, I was able to highlight the best-performing social enterprises to leverage lessons for those social enterprises that could enhance their success.