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Katayoun Alidadi

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Alex Perullo


muslim women; higher education


Bryant University

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This project focuses on the influence religion has on Muslim women’s college experiences. I wanted to see the role that religion played in different women’s lives and how it could affect their college life. When I started this project, I knew that all women had different experiences with their religion and would most likely not give the same answers. I interviewed thirteen women from four different universities about their relationship with their religion and how it has impacted their college careers. The women I interviewed came from several different backgrounds, from several states and countries, so their relationship with their religion varied. I wanted to see how their religion has impacted their college life, but I also wanted to see if they had ever faced religious discrimination, particularly in college. As I suspected, these women all had different events in their life that made them who they are. After speaking with these women, I have realized that each woman has a different story to tell, but their religion has had an impact on their college lives in different ways. A common theme I found was that many women chose their major because it allowed them to help people and to better the world.