Alison Feehan

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First Faculty Advisor

Rustambekov, Elzotbek


Bryant Zhuhai; Dynamic Capabilities; China


Bryant University

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The purpose of this senior capstone is to research and fully comprehend the dynamic capabilities field of strategic management as well as the experience students at Bryant University’s Zhuhai campus are having. I gained insight into the Bryant Zhuhai student experience by surveying professors and students who have been users of the campus for at least one semester. The data collected from these surveys was analyzed with excel, analysis enabled researchers to identify trends in student experience. The survey questions are tailored to understand the university’s sensing, seizing and transforming capabilities. The sensing question set focuses on uncovering how well Bryant Zhuhai senses students wants and needs, as well as trends in the higher education industry in China. The seizing question set aids us in understanding how quickly the university is able to adapt and innovate to remain current and keep its student’s educations relevant. The transforming question set provides insight into how well the school implements new programs and adjusts to better serve students. Once data has been analyzed the researchers can identify any critical areas needing improvement and develop feasible solutions and action plans that could be implemented to improve The Bryant Zhuhai student experience.