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This study focuses on women in the construction industry due to my passion for the industry and aspiration to become a female leader in the construction field. I have had the opportunity through Bryant's Honors Program to conduct research and publish it through Bryant University.

First Faculty Advisor

Robert Massoud

Second Faculty Advisor

E. Elizabeth Carter


construction; female; leadership; barriers; equality


Bryant University

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The construction industry is a male dominated field that has been known for its masculine culture. Women have faced many barriers when entering this field of work due to this culture and being the minority. This study will look into the motivational factors that make women want to pursue a career in the construction industry. This research will look at female construction workers and how their experiences have helped shape their perception on the industry. The following study will analyze how females have combated the masculine culture in the industry and what makes females want to obtain leadership positions. This is important due to allowing for more diversity in the workplace and looking at what can be done to attract more females into the construction industry.