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First Faculty Advisor

Olinsky, Alan

Second Faculty Advisor

Anderson, Billie


Time Series; data mining; SAS; enterprise miner; business intelligence; applied statistics


Bryant University


Modern technologies have allowed for the amassment of data at a rate never encountered before. Organizations are now able to routinely collect and process massive volumes of data. A plethora of regularly collected information can be ordered using an appropriate time interval. The data would thus be developed into a time series. With such data, analytical techniques can be employed to collect information pertaining to historical trends and seasonality. Time series data mining methodology allows users to identify commonalities between sets of time-ordered data. This technique is supported by a variety of algorithms, notably dynamic time warping (DTW). This mathematical technique supports the identification of similarities between numerous time series. The following research aims to provide a practical application of this methodology using SAS Enterprise Miner, an industry-leading software platform for business analytics. Due to the prevalence of time series data in retail settings, a realistic product sales transaction data set was analyzed. This information was provided by dunnhumbyUSA. Interpretations were drawn from output that was generated using “TS nodes” in SAS Enterprise Miner.