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Tommy John Surgery in Baseball


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Injuries have plagued professional athletes since their sports have been in existence. The examination of how teams can diminish the side effects of the injuries en route to a speedy recovery remains an evolving process and a topic of concern for all. Injury preventative tactics have been implemented by coaching staffs and various training personnel. Major League Baseball (MLB) pitchers are noticing an increase in the number of surgeries performed each year. The tearing of the ulnar collateral ligament (UCL) in the elbow has become a predominant injury among pitchers in the MLB. Reconstructive surgery, also known as Tommy John surgery, has been a necessity for any pitcher wishing to return to the mound. The goal of this research is to examine performance of players who elect to undergo Tommy John surgery. The development of a predictive model can only go so-far to include factual statistical data to determine the stress of pitchers’ arms. However, the byproducts of teams acquiring this knowledge has a large impact on their decision making abilities. The research includes analytical techniques to predict future outcomes of MLB pitchers as well as an avenue to provide statistical evidence of the before and after effects on their arms.