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Bishop, James

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Schumacher, Phyllis


Fantasy Sports; Gambling; Skill; Chance


Bryant University

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Online daily fantasy sports is a billion dollar industry that has caused controversy for the last few years with states debating its legal status. As of today, under the current United States federal laws and regulations, betting money on daily fantasy sports online is considered legal. However, several states have decided to ban these games within their borders believing they are based on chance and should be considered gambling which they have ruled to be illegal online. Each state has the right to make their own rules of what they consider gambling even if the federal government has allowed it. The purpose of this study is to determine the predominant factor of daily fantasy sports. Looking at the daily fantasy football games, I was able to determine whether chance or skill was the dominant factor in these games. Using a simulation to gather chance teams and using experts’ chosen teams as my skilled teams, I was able to compare the results to determine which teams won a majority of the time. Using these results, I am able to determine if daily fantasy sports should be considered a form of gambling and if the ruling by the Federal Government and individual states on daily fantasy sports should be changed.