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Zywiak, William H.


Influence; Correlation; Personality Factors; Analysis


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The purpose of this Honors Capstone entitled Under the Influence is to assess the validity of claims concerning the possible influence of roommates on one another, concerning alcohol on college campuses. This will be done by examining data collected in a prior study conducted over a two-year period. This analysis will focus on how alcohol consumption changes in correlation with the personality factors of roommates over an extended period of time. This secondary analysis of de-identified data will focus on primary and secondary subquestions. The primary question that will be addressed with the data set collected from the University of Rhode Island study is: “Do roommates have any statistically significant effects upon one another in terms of development of habits, particularly those concerning drinking?” The first component of this thesis that this research will delve into is, “Will one’s personality traits enhance one’s susceptibleness to one’s roommate?” After identifying possible personality traits that correlate to the increased influence in drinking, the statistical significance amongst the genders represented in this study will be examined, uncovering whether men or women are more susceptible to their roommates. Finally, the factors that may have led to altered drinking will be analyzed. While looking to see if lineage or factors such as residency are of any significance, this research will compare these factors to their roommates and see if there are any changes based upon these precursors.