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308 W. 37th Street
Norfolk 8, Virginia
December 15, 1943

Dear friends of Bryant Service Club,

This will acknowledge with many thanks your Christmas package which was received this week, and also your recent letter which has been read with interest and enthusiasm. You are certainly doing a fine job, and I, for one, am grateful. Your kind thoughts and interest in the Service men, I know, will always be remembered.

I have met Lieut. Shors, and have an invitation to his home, but as yet have been unable to accept. He logged out in this office before his last leave, and upon his return, he told me that several of the “old timers” had asked about me and my work.

So Mr. Naylor has at last gone “out of circulation.” I feel very kindly toward this gentleman as he was a close friend and adviser to my nephew, George Scothon, who is now in the Finance Detachment in Australia. He was a member of the Faculty when I attended Bryant, but do not think he would remember me after all these years.

Did you get the inside story on the escape of Lieut. Wesley Crawley from the Germans? I received a copy of a letter written to his father, and believe me it was something to read. Perhaps they (his family) would send you the excerpt of the report if you so desire.

I have eight day’s leave commencing December 20, and if possible will call at the office before Christmas or will you all be away for the holidays?

Please say “hello” to Gardner Jacobs, Mr. Ripley, George Richards, and Rita; also, any other members of the faculty and staff who may remember the days of 1934-36.

Thank you again, and may I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a most Prosperous New Year.

Yours for Victory,
JB Howarth
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