World War II; Nicholas Coracci;Finance Section

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Hello Bryant:

Have received the long letter from Bryant Service Club + was sure glad to hear from you all. Have just returned back to camp from a 7-day furlough. Am still somewhat weary from the long train ride, but never too weary to hear from Bryant College.

The Bryant Service Club is sure doing a wonderful job + I appreciate the cigarettes you sent me for X-mas. Wish I could put into words my feeling of appreciation. I’m sure many of our boys have for higher moral because a Bryant Service Club exists. All I can say is keep up the swell work. We soldiers sure appreciate it.. especially the letters letting us know what goes on at Bryant. Nick Coracci’s words go for me also.

I note that some of our faculty is now serving Uncle Sam, that the courses have been changed somewhat to fit in with our war effort. Things sure do change. I enjoyed reading your letter + hope to hear again from you all very soon.

As ever,
Corp. Laurence Italiano

P.S. Am now in the Finance Section.
Payroll is our biggest job + worry.

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