WWII;Lawrence A. Italiano

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Sgt. Lawrence A. Italiano
528 Bt Sp. 380 Bt Gp (N) AAF
A.P.O. 921- c/o Postmaster
San Francisco, California
July 20, 1942

Bryant Service Club
Hope & Benevolent Sts
Providence, R. I.
U. S. A.

Dear Bryant Service Club;

Have received your package of candies & cookies & am very thankful. It took some time for it to catch up with me but that's because we have moved so far from home. We are now somewhere in the Southwest pacific. Weather is plenty hot and it's only winter.

There's lots that goes on here, but the censor is always on the job, so, that leaves me with practically nothing to say. However, I want to thank you for the swell box of sweets, & also that I'm still well.

For recreation, we sometimes play a game of softball. Outside of that, we are always busy 7 days a week. Would welcome a letter or the Bryant newspaper to hear what goes on & how you are all getting along--especially news of some of my classmates in 1942. Am corresponding with two, George Long & Leonard Levin, both in the Army now.

As Ever
Lawrence A. Italiano
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