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June 18, 1943

Dear Chairman:

I wish to thank you and the members of the Service Club for your package filled with delicious cookies and jams that arrived at mail-call tonight. It was a great surprise enjoyed by all (which includes everyone in my Flight 12). The contents were what we boys have been craving for while we’ve been in quarantine up here on the hill. All the fellows here wish the college that they went to had a wonderful Service Club like “Bryant College’s.” Most of them are from Carnegie Tech., N. Y. U. or Northwestern. So you can see you are way ahead of the other colleges in the splendid work you’re doing.

For the last month I have been studying Meteorology in the Army Air Force Technical Command here at Hamilton College. It is a beautiful little college situated on a very high hill overlooking a valley. We have classes from 8 A. M. to 9:30 P. M. everyday [sic], and the course is very difficult. If all goes well, I should be here one year before going on to Advanced College.

Many thanks again, and the best of luck.

Pvt. Irving W. Knight

Hamilton College
Clinton, New York
Flight 12
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