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Ward 24

April 27, 1942

12:30 a.m.

Dear Ma,

Time marches on! It is now twelve-thirty and Monday at last. Now I can look forward to some more mail.

It is a whole week last night that I have been on nights and it has gone very quickly. I rather enjoy it now. The next 3 weeks will go rapidly I hope. Wednesday we will have been in the Army for a month. It doesn’t seem that long either.

To-day I slept from 7:30 until 2 o’clock. I didn’t even wake up once, then I started to smoke a cigarette and hopped back into bed. Soon someone started shouting, Miss LaPalme, telephone! So I dashed into the room and it was information saying I had 2 male visitors. I thought it would probably be Norman so Puss and I got dressed and dashed over and sure enough it was Norman and another boy. They had been walking all over the Fort and their feet were killing him.

I almost keeled over when he said he was home for 3 days. It didn’t take him long to get a leave did it? He had the camera Jesse had given him and he took a few pictures. We walked around the pine grove in the back of the hospital and sat down on the picnic bench and smoked and talked. He looks very nice in his uniform doesn’t he? I wonder where he will be sent to. Why didn’t he go with the rest of the kids that went down South?

After about an hour and a half they took the bus and went back to rest their aching dogs.

There is nothing new here, everything goes on just the same. We have been having some beautiful weather here these past few days but it has been terribly warm sleeping in the afternoon.

Well write soon, I haven’t anything to write. The place is terribly dead around here over the week-end; everyone pulls out even the patients.


Love to all,


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