Milton J. Lapin

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July 31, 1942

Bryant Service Club
c/o Bryant College
Providence, R. I.

Dear Members:

It’s a fine service you are rendering to the boys in uniform. The first time I received a package from you, I tried to say just that.

This is the second package you have sent to me so it naturally follows that one of mathematical mind should express his appreciation in geometric proportions to the number of kind deeds calling for such expression.

There exists many doubts among my friends who participated in your generosity as to whether I can fulfill such an obligation.

This is such an attempt.

My wife is just a little jealous of me, but in as much as she has a sister there among you who undoubtedly contributed toward my box of good cheer, I am quite sure she will forgive you all.

I hope I have adequately depicted my appreciation to you and not let my office mates down. They never would forgive me if I “flubbed the dub.”


Milton J. Lapin

Finance Office
Cp. Wheeler, Ga. [Transcription ends]